Exactly how does one START a blog, anyway?

I’m starting off as such a bad scientist- I’m not doing the background research before I dive right in.  What on earth do you post in your first blog entry?  Possibly some backstory…

As I become more familiar with digital scrapbooking, I’m visiting a lot of blog sites for chatter and freebies. Things are getting easier, so I now allow the wild fantasy that I might one day apply for a Creative Team spot or design my own goodies to share.  So, I’m starting my blog.

It’s going to be eclectic, to be sure, owing to the wide variety of interests:

Scrapbooking (both traditional and digital)

The West Wing (which is playing on the DVD player right now- a bad WW episode is better than 95% of what’s on TV right now)


Figure Skating



For that creative designing I’ll do sooner or later, the name popped into my head the other day- The Geeky Diva.  It may end up being a bone of contention, so I thought I’d describe the origin.

I’m a geek.  Yup, I know it and admit it freely.  I wish I was this comfortable with myself years ago, it would have made things simpler. 🙂  It will become clear through my posts.

So, here’s the bone of contention- Diva.  Hey, it just makes for a catchy title.

I’m the Director for a local scrapbooking group, Columbus Scrappers.  We have a website and bulletin board.  I was member #3, joining a few days after the creation of the original Yahoo! group in February of 2001 (thanks, Jennette).  It’s my internet home, and besides my nuclear family (Jeff, Natalie, Braeden, and Buff the cat) and my job, it more or less defines my life as it is in Columbus.  I joined the moderating team in 2003, the that team had the title of the Divas.

I tend not to use it outside the confines of the board.  When I talk about it, I’m a coordinator or a moderator.  Being known as the Diva Director kind of makes me cringe.  Do I expect anyone to take me seriously when I call myself a Diva?

So, why don’t I just drop it? Some may view it as my license to engage on a regular power trip, so dropping it might go a long way of making my moderating job easier. And yet, it holds affectionate memories for me.  The invitation to join the moderators because I worked hard to organize a benefit event for a local girl who needed a bone marrow transplant.  The email entitled “Diva Indeed” from a former member (now deceased) who thanked me for making a page for her daughter’s scrapbook.  The good connotations that can be associated with “Diva”- those are the ones that I embrace and strive for.

So Geeky Diva it is.

Moving on…

It’s been a wild month at work.  We’re coming up on a deadline for a progress report on a HUGE grant, so I’ve spent my days trying to count muscle bundles as quickly as I can while still being accurate.  Slides get finished, I stain them, get them under the microscope and photographed, and count.

And count.

And count.

But I still love it.  I love that the staining is working.  I love that I get to work with a team of smart people.  I love the pretty pictures that I’ve taken from the microscope.

See?  Geeky.

A couple of years ago, a search for Disney and Scrapbook directed me the Dis Boards and their scrapbooking subforum.  I breeze in and out of there.  Recently, that group has started a weekly digital scrapbooking challenge, and I’ve been joining in in the hopes of finally finishing our family trip from 2006.  That, and Heather’s challenges on the CS Board, and digital scrapbooking is becoming comfortable.

The Digital Disney challenges lead me over to Scrap Matters, and I’m enjoying the challenges over there as well.  Last Saturday, the challenge was to make a page that was “So Me”

Think back to me saying that stained microscope slides were pretty:

My \"So Me\" page

Here’s the page I finished this afternoon.  This one was a Tuesday Template Challenge.  The sketch is by Ellie Lash, who is quickly becoming one of my favorite designers.  Sorry, Ellie, I had to do some sucking up- I’ve LOVED all of the freebies you’ve put out in the past week!  Time for me to buy some kits (but the one for this page was by Correen Silke at ComputerScrapbook.com (Unplanned Outing):

Some special credit on the drawing in the background paper.  I found the sketch through a Flickr search.  It was drawn by Lisa Yarost.  It was EXACTLY what I needed!  Thanks, Lisa- it’s a great sketch- thanks for sharing!

I think that’s good for starters.  Origins (the Game Fair) is coming up at the end of the month, and I am working with GAMA to run the Scrapbooking Events for the Spouse and Family events.  I need to get the class samples complete and posted so SOMEONE will attend my classes!  I’ll post them here- you never know who will trip over them! 🙂


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