Newsflash: Buying a kid’s bicycle IS rocket science!

We got Natalie her first real bicycle this week- who’d a thunk it would have been actual work!

We actually bought her a bike back during Memorial Day weekend- she’s outgrown her cute Little Mermaid one, so it was time for an upgrade.  So I took her where I always go- Target!!!

<woman grunt> Darn right, Target

We browsed the rows of kid’s bike, and according to the info post on the racks, she was about right for a 20″ bike.  It’s a little tall, but with the way she’s growing, it wouldn’t be too long before she could reach the ground comfortably.  And the training wheels would help with that.

She picked out this cool pink and purple metallic bike, with a backpack on the front and tassels on the handlebars- fun fun!  I grab a pack of training wheels to add on, and off we go.

We got a little side tracked, and it took a few weeks before we had a chance to break out the toolbox to adjust the seat and put on the training wheels.  And Jeff calls in from the garage:

“Honey, the training wheels don’t fit.”


Sure enough, the frame was too thick to accommodate them.  It took me another week (last week) to finally call Dynacraft to order the training wheels.  But when i read the model number to the customer service rep, we find out that Dynacraft doesn’t make training wheels for their 20″ bicycles.


Don’t you think it would be a good idea to have training wheels for bicycles being sold for kids between 5 and 8 years old??????

So, last weekend, the bike went back to Target, and Monday evening, Natalie and I went to the Schwinn dealer up on Riverside Drive (Strader’s Garden Center- very nice place!), and an hour later (and $40 worth of flowers) we walked out with a spiffy blue and yellow bicycle- WITH the training wheels.

Pictures to follow when we’re home long enough to really let her break it in. 🙂

So, the latest page I’ve finished:

Kids at the mall's play area

Kids at the mall's play area

How appropriate that a post about rocket science results in a space themed layout- ha!!

More later after craft night- Marianne, I’m on my way!


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