For the love of sport!

I have gotten SIGNIFICANT razzing for all of my Olympics talk.


What can I say, I drink the Kool Aid of the 5 interlocking rings…

So, the games are over, and it means I stand a chance of getting to bed before 1am- yay! And so, my thoughts turn to football!

College football, NFL football, and my 2 fantasy leagues…

The Agnew family fantasy league had its draft today. Don’t worry guys, I don’t think I stand a chance of backing into the play-offs and running the table to win again this year. No research on players at all, other than removing ALL Dallas Cowboys from the autopick list. That’s not research, that’s just common sense 🙂

On other notes, Natalie started Kindergarten on Thursday- and we lived to tell the tale! Pages to come, but I can at least post a couple of pics:

Jeff goes to pick her up after her first day (he was going to pick her up, take her to lunch, make some memories…), and she wants none of it- she wants to ride the bus! So she took the bus back to daycare for the afternoon. The teacher tells him that she is a “very strong-willed child” OY! Can I hide under a rock now??? Fortunately, she does love school- it’s always good when they want to go back the next day!

Other projects I finished this week- I’m on a huge hybrid kick. For one, it’s great fun and it’s where I want my scrapbooking to be eventually, but for two, I had applications in for a couple of hybrid teams, so it was time to show what I could do and maybe suck up a little bit!

One, the LOVE album:

Wow, I’m so proud of this. I love how I figured out to place the kissing picture in the “O” when it’s closed. I love the primas that hide square pictures edges. I love how combining color and sepia toned pics worked so well.

OK, the other hybrid mini of the week:

I finished this this morning- kinda cute, eh? I love these papers!!!

Lastly, I have fun news, but I need to keep mum for the moment! Tee hee! I’ll post as soon as it’s official! 🙂

Until later!



One thought on “For the love of sport!

  1. Still “love” that love album, and the little Nat album is adorable! You have a Bind-it-All, don’t you? I’ve been resisting getting one for a while now. May have to give in.

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