I was in Target the other night, and besides having adorable halloween socks at the Dollar Spot, this year’s “Christmas Cookies” special edition from Better Homes and Gardens was out, so of course I grabbed it.  I had a chance to pour over it during lunch yesterday- many dog-earred pages!

It was then I discovered the most beautiful phrase in the english language:

“…or Freeze for up to 3 months.”

That means I can start baking NOW!!!!  Happiness!  I can bake a little every couple of weeks and store boxes of home-baked goodness in the freezer for later.   ***Joy!***

Although I am a flunkie of the Holiday Grand Plan (see, I still try to do what I can.  I did get the front porch cleaned last weekend (that was for week 1 back at the end of August- DOH!), I did start to stock up on flour and sugar for cookies, and I located the freezer boxes for said morsels.  So at least that’s SOMETHING.  I may take last year’s envelopes with me to the retreat this weekend and get the Christmas Card list digitized.

More announements later!


4 thoughts on “Discovery

  1. Oh yeah!! We love freezing Christmas cookies!! We (PTO) does fundraising for the school at Christmas time with a cookie sale. It does so well for us each year so we start backing as soon as school starts and freeze them. Then all we have to do in Decemeber is thaw, frost and decorate!! They taste fresh too!! Good luck!!

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