Bad Blogger, no donut!

Hmm, looks like the blog’s been abandoned!  I’ll add some stuff quick, and I’ll do a real update over the weekend…

I can see!!!  I picked up my new glasses tonight- you never realize how bad your old glasses get until you put on the new ones.  Holy cow!  Counting cells will be a piece of cake now!

There was a great speed scrap at ScrapMatters tonight- Stefanie was a great hostess.  I finished my first digital page in a coon’s age:

My chance to play with my Sugarplum kits (this one is Chilled Wine), and some new pics.  Everything is Chilled Wine, except for the ribbon tie, which came from the Mango Tango Collab by the Sunshine Girls.

SM has another speed scrap scheduled- for Thursday at 3pm EDT.  This one will be hosted by Alamama.  I wonder if I can work my microscope pictures in a page…

Next up- last weekend’s frivolity- the Circleville Pumpkin Show, a Blue Jackets hockey came, and a day of cropping!


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