Grandpa would be so proud!

I can’t believe it- I channeled my grandfather tonight.  I watched NHL Hockey on Tv tonight- voluntarily.  The Blue Jackets were playing the Rangers, so we watched a little bit before Natalie’s evening ritual of Spongebob.

My grandpa (my mom’s dad) was a hockey fan- from the era of the 1980s New York Islanders and the run of three Stanley cups.  I remember nights during hockey season, when we’d be done with dinner and after some family time, he’d disappear into the bedroom to watch hockey.  Warm fuzzy memories of one of my favorite people. 🙂

We have friends who are hockey fans, and over the past year, Jeff and I have been able to take in a couple of Blue Jacket games.  For my first one, we had Braeden with us, so I honestly couldn’t tell you how the game was.  But last Friday night, a bunch of us went to celebrate Marianne’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Girl!!!), and Miss Jenn was kind enough to watch Braeden and we had a night out with Natalie.

As a figure skater, I have to say that hockey is not bad. 🙂  Wow- that’s something!  I’m not sure when we’ll get back, as Natalie was NOT a fan of the cannon that goes off when the Jackets score a goal (and they were scoring quite a bit last Friday), but I did enjoy the game this time!  Now I just need to scrap the pics- perspective of the nosebleed seats…

Grandpa would be so proud!


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