Yet Another Blog Train for Black Friday!

Good morning, everyone! For those in the US, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The Shontz clan had a nice day- spending the weekend with Jeff’s family in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Parade on TV in the morning, watched the Detroit Lions get pummeled, and a huge feast for dinner. Good times!

For those of you who are returning from the 4am (or earlier! EEK!) shopping trek- congratulations- you are made of stronger stuff than I. I turned over and snuggled a little further into the blankets- no early morning for me! However, I venture out in a little bit to see if I can snag a killer deal on some SD memory cards for the new Nikon (we bought a gently used Nikon D40x from a friend of ours last week- squeee!)

You are probably arriving from Christy’s blog at After picking up my goodie, you’ll proceed on to the stop with Alma’s blog, at

I love the whole holiday season, from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day- the music, the crazy shopping, the lights. Sorry, I started listening to Christmas music a couple of weeks ago (I had to- Harry Connick Jr. had a new Christmas album out!!!). However, I’d have to say that my favorite holiday tradition is helping Natalie (and now Braeden) set up the plate of cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve. I get in on cookie swaps when I have a chance, so Santa has a chance to sample several delicacies! We have a special cookie plate for the annual offering. And Santa always cleans his plate!

Without any further ado, here’s my freebie- it’s a Christmas ornament! This pattern will fold into a 20-sided icosahedron. A couple of design notes- feel free to be a little more generous when you cut the tabs- it might make gluing a little easier. Glue Dots were very helpful for me (Glue Lines might be even better!) to keep all of the edges together. I made my life more difficult by using a wide ribbon (~3/8” wide)- you will probably be much more successful using 1/8” wide ribbon.

I added text to my prototype, but removed it so you had more flexibility- so feel free to add text and a date before printing. I hope you enjoy it!!

This ornament features a new collaborative kit from ScrapMatters, called Comfort and Joy- isn’t it GORGEOUS!? I can’t wait to make my Christmas cards using it. SM has a Black Friday sale going on at the site, and Comfort and Joy is FREE with a $10 purchase!!


Thanks for visiting- on you go to the next stop,

Happy Holidays!



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