EEEK!! Four weeks?

So, I checked a friend’s blog today, and she has my blog listed, with its last revision- 4 weeks ago????  EEEK!!

Ok, I’ve been derelict!

But guess what?  I have freebie at this end of this, so hang tight!

I spent a bulk of the month working on a Columbus Scrappers challenge: Page a Day in January.  This was a month long challenge that occurred over at Big Picture Scrapbooking last January- so bummed they didn’t renew it!  But no matter, we had a small dedicated group give it their best shot!  I dropped off about half way through the month, but I picked it back up towards the end and managed to get about 17 pages scrapped, plus a bunch of valentines!  This is a considerable achievement for me, seeing as some years it was a struggle to get 50 pages done!

Here are some of the pages I completed:



Last week, the United States Figure Skating Championships was held in Cleveland.  Natalie and I drove up for the weekend, and enjoyed the four Senior finals.  My camera got a workout- I came home with 490 photos!  Natalie was a champ- she held out for 12 hours at Quicken Loans Arena on Saturday!  The power of stuffed animals and ice cream is amazing! 🙂  However, it looks like I’ll be on my own in the skating fanaticism department.  When asked if she wanted to come with me if another Nations came to town nearby, she replied, “No, Mommy, you can go by yourself.  I’ll stay home with Daddy and Braeden.”  Oh well, I had to try.  Don’t let her fool you- she fell in love with Alissa Czisny (Ladies Champion), and had a blast getting autographs from the skaters.

One of my favorite photos:


Here we were getting autographs from the senior dance medalists, and she was showing her loose tooth to Todd Gilles.  You know the caption: “Yes, you just may have won a medal at Nations, BUT I HAVE A LOOSE TOOTH!!”  Bless their hearts, the skaters were really sweet- they we all excited for her.

That tooth dropped out this morning, BTW.  Tooth Fairy is making a visit tonight!

Here are the couple of Nationals pages I managed to crank out:



A little enabling here, the aqua and brown papers I used for Brooke and Ben’s page came from Sugarplum Paperie’s new kit, Strawberry au Lait.  I’m particularly fond of Nicole’s latest efforts, since I helped her with it!!!  I fed her color ideas 🙂

OK, one more pic from Cleveland:

skate-god-web Ahhhhhhh!!!!!  It’s SkateGod for Life!!!!  Wheeeeee!

Here’s the other goodie I was working on this month- my new kit at Scrap Matters!!  I’m no longer a one hit wonder, my kit count is now up to two!


I did the hybrid blog post for Scrap Matters on the 22nd, so head over there to see the examples I made with this template set!  Oh, and there’s another freebie there, too!

So you’ve waited this whole time…  I have an extra template to add onto my Hybrid Valentine Templates:


Click here to download

So, that’s our month!  Hopefully, February will be more blog friendly!

Catch you later!


One thought on “EEEK!! Four weeks?

  1. Thanks for the great freebie. I have challenged myself to 365 layouts this year — equalling 1 per day but often I get behind but since I am posting each on my blog I feel accountable to get the pages done.

    Great job on getting 17 done!

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