I’m back!

Miss me?

I’m back after taking a hiatus from blogging- I was never good at keeping a diary, so I’m not sure why a blog would be any exception.  Like with my lab notebook, once technology comes up with the direct neural link that feeds my thoughts right into the computer, it’s a sporatic thing.

However, there should be steady stream of posts for a while, at least I hope.  We have a Disney Trip to report!  Jeff and I took advantage of the amazing Buy 4, Get 3 Free deal at Disney, and we took a family vacation over Spring Break!  We made full use of the promotion and spent our first stay at the Polynesian!  Needless to say, I was a little excited!  However, we also knew that once Natalie found out, that she would be excited, too, possibly to the point that it would distract her from other things, so we decided to keep it a secret.  THAT was possibly one of the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

We finally told her on the 20th, the evening before we left.  We had a 7:05am flight to Orlando, which meant getting up incredibly early.  Jeff and I decided that it would be most efficient to send the kids to bed in sweats, so we only had to get them up long enough to get them in the car.  Since that’s a change to routine, we figured we should have a really good reason!

Natalie was surprisingly calm when we told her we were going on vacation to Disney the next morning.

How disappointing.

However, the closer we got to bedtime, but more excited she got!  I’m not sure how we got her to bed. 🙂

Four thirty in the morning comes awfully early, but we managed to get up with the alarm, get dressed, and get Natalie and Braeden up and into the car.  We thought they might have been a little sleepy, but no, they were awake and ready to go.  The early hour was worth it, and while the Columbus Airport was busy for a Saturday morning, we got through check-in and security in a reasonable amount of time, and took off on time.

Natalie and Braeden we so well behaved on the plane!  Natalie had a new Littlest Pet Shop game to keep her busy, and I brought new coloring books for both of them.

As I completely buy into Disney’s plan to keep you on property, of course we took advantage of the Magical Express service.  The thought of a) not handling my luggage at the airport, and b) not having to worry about renting a car, is so worth it!  There was essentially no line at the DME counter, so we were checked-in in less than 10 minutes, and in the queue for our bus.

Truth be told, I didn’t pay to much attention to time- this was the easy-going Disney vacation!

We boarded the bus, and soaked in the lovely, sunny Florida morning.  The bus stopped at the Wilderness Lodge and the Comtemporary Resort before we pulled up to the Poly.  We pulled in before 11am- yippee!!

First Official Picture!

First Official Picture! The Lobby of the Great Ceremonial House, Polynesian Resort

Are you ready for some magic?

I sent Jeff to check us in, and I sat in the lobby with Natalie and Braeden, in the corner where the TV is set up running classic Mickey Mouse cartoons and there’s a kiddie table with coloring pages and crayons.  (Note for next time- arrive in the morning again!!!  Sure, getting up is a killer, but it was so easy to check in everywhere- no lines!!)  Jeff comes back a little bit later- we’re going to Tahiti!  The Tahiti longhouse, that is…

Tahiti is a little bit of a walk from the Great Ceremonial House, but unless you are dog-tired and grumpy, it is a pleasant walk.  It’s on the beach, and about an equal walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center, which turned out to be great for us- the TTC made it easy to get anywhere, by monorail, ferry boat, or bus (Jeff isn’t easy to impress, but he LOVED that).  Whoo hoo- being close to the beach meant it would be even easier to get to it to watch the Electrical Water Pagent and the Wishes fireworks over the Magic Kingdom.  When I made the reservation, I reserved a garden view room, and I made a request for a room with a balcony (easier to keep Braeden contained).  Otherwise, I figured I’d just let the pixie dust fall where it may.  So, I was expecting a view like this

The lovely landscaping of the Poly

The lovely landscaping of the Poly

or this

More lovely gardens...

More lovely gardens...

But no, that wasn’t to be.  We got this instead

View from Tahiti 2019

View from Tahiti 2019

Yup, that’s the view.  To the left of that palm tree is Cinderella’s Castle, and to the right is Space Mountain…

Talk about pixie dust- we got upgraded to Lagoon View!  I think it’s technically not Theme Park View because of that palm tree.  If you shimmied to the left side of the balcony, you had a clear view of the Castle.  If you shimmied to the right of the balcony, you got Space Mountain.  You know what? I’m not complaining!  Sentimental Disney-phile that I am, I almost broke down and cried when I drew back the curtain to the balcony.  That is Magic, pure and simple.

Here’s a view with the zoom lens

Cinderella's Castle is easier to see when you use the zoom

Cinderella's Castle is easier to see when you use the zoom

Oh, and here are those MK fireworks

Wishes Fireworks

Wishes Fireworks

Sorry for the blurry pic- I didn’t realize I would need to pack the tripod!  This could not have worked out more perfectly for us.  Natalie likes the pretty colors and patterns of fireworks, but she really doesn’t like the booming.  This way, we could sit in our room every night and enjoy the fireworks with much reduced noise.  And, as an added bonus, once they were done, we could tuck the kids into bed and call it a night- no commute out of the park to get “home.”

So, I pulled myself together, and we changed into swimsuits, and back to GCH (Great Ceremonial House) to use the pool and grab some lunch.  It was a little cooler than I expected- it was OK for swimming, but it might have been just a little better if it were 5 degrees warmer.  It was fine if you were in the water, but brrrr if you got out to use the water slide!  I spent most of the time in the water up to my neck- ah!  Natalie didn’t care nearly as much- she loved that water slide.  We swam until Braeden’s teeth were chattering, dried off, and headed to Captain Cook’s for lunch.  After lunch, Jeff stayed with Braeden to get him to take a nap, and I took Natalie back to the pool for a while longer.

We had dinner reservations for Chef Mickey’s at the Contemporary.  Jeff and Braeden met us at the GCH after their nap, and we took the resort monorail around the loop: first to the Grand Floridian Resort, then the Magic Kingdom, and then the Contemporary.

I’ll share more pictures later once they make it into page, but I did want to share my favorite

Pictures with our host

Pictures with our host

The look of wonder and adoration on Braeden’s face is just priceless.  That made the trip worth it right there.

For the most part, Braeden was OK with the characters.  He was a little startled if they approached to quickly, but he never panicked.  Natalie, well, she loved the characters during her first trip, so for her it was like seeing old friends.

After dinner, we headed back to our room, unpacked our luggage and watched the fireworks over the Magic Kingdom from the balcony.  It’s Magic Kingdom Day tomorrow!

Stay tuned- I’ll work through the trip right here on the blog!  I promise I’ll post more frequently than usual!


2 thoughts on “I’m back!

  1. Before I had kids, I had no interest in going to Disney, but now I just know that my boys would love it and it looks like I probably would enjoy it too! how fun to get upgraded and what a great view!

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