One more post for tonight- I need your help!

March for Babies is 16 days away…


I have done no fundraising whatsoever.  All of the spare change that goes in the duck bank was allocated to Disney spending money!  I’m so behind!

Around this time of year, I’m usually on the Columbus Scrappers’ board rallying the troops.  Getting those last minute sponsors so all of our team members get to $125 to earn their March for Babies t-shirt.  It’s the plea to prevent shirtless women!

Please don’t let me get arrested for Public Indecency…  LOL!  Please sponsor me!!!  My March of Dimes page is here:

I’m going to throw out an incentive for my digi-scrapping buddies.  I am a fledgling Apprentice Designer at ScrapMatters (where I am also on the Hybrid Creative Team- I did today’s ReNEWit feature- go to the SM blog for April 9th to see it!!!), and I’m going to be releasing a Grab Bag for National Scrapbook Day coming up.  I’m going to pack it will all kinds of hybrid goodness!

Hey, you can have it FOR FREE if you make a donation to my March for Babies ticker!  Leave a comment in the sponsor section, and I’ll email you a coupon code for my NSD Grab Bag!  I love the March of Dimes site- it makes it so easy for you to donate.  You can donate by a check you can mail to me (my addy comes to you when you fill out the form), or by credit card or paypal.  Even better, March of Dimes sends you an email you can use as a receipt for your taxes.  Even even better, your money goes right to the MoD if you do cc or paypal- I don’t touch a penny of it!  It’s not that I would ever personally misappropriate funds, but there are people out there who do.  So sad that I need to account for that.

I am so lucky that I have healthy kids, but I’ve walked through the NICU at Children’s.  It’s a great facility, but it’s quiet and scary, so I wouldn’t wish having to be there on anyone.  That’s why I’ve walked for the March of Dimes for 6 years.  They wiped out polio- so I have no doubt that they can wipe out prematurity, too.


5 thoughts on “One more post for tonight- I need your help!

  1. If I hadn’t just spent the rest of what was in my Paypal account at the store yesterday, I would help you out. When is it due? If I get some more sales in before then, I’ll donate.
    Have a great day!

    • Columbus’ March for Babies is Sunday, April 25th, but the fundraising site stays open a while after that- I’d love any help you can provide when you can! Thanks so much!

  2. Remind us next year – I would love to donate. I send $ to MOD regularly but would love to do it through you too. I didn’t see this until now while on the SM blog train ride.

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