Disney Trip Report- Day 2, Magic Kingdom

We awoke to the sun streaming in the sliding door, and got ready for breakfast at the Kona Cafe before we headed off to the Magic Kingdom for that day.  If it were just an adult trip, I’d probably start a Disney trip at EPCOT, since it’s my favorite.  But Natalie and Braeden are 6 and 2, respectively, and it’s Braeden’s first trip.  IMHO, it wouldn’t be right if you didn’t start at the Magic Kingdom.  There’s a certain mystique about walking down Main Street USA and seeing Cinderella’s Castle for the first time.

But before any of that, we has breakfast at the Kona Cafe, found on the second floor of the GCH.  I was in search of two things- a cup of french-press Kona Coffee, and that Tonga Toast.  For the uninitiated, Tonga Toast is thick slides of french toast stuffed with bananas- yum!  Very sweet and rich, but it’s not like I’m going to eat it everyday!

After breakfast, we walked around to the monorail platform to catch the monorail to the Magic Kingdom.  The kids loved the monorail- it was a ride in and of itself.  We decided to head to Adventureland first to ride Pirates of the Caribbean.  This ride was closed for a makeover when we visited in 2006, so Jeff and I were looking forward to it.  It was actually nice to have some variety in the soundtrack (not the Yo-Ho, Yo-Ho song the whole way through) and having Jack Sparrow popping out here and there was kind of fun.

Coming out of PotC, we found Captain Hook and Mr. Smee so we stopped for some autographs.  Braeden was a little skittish, but he interacted with them a little.  From there Natalie and I rode Splash Mountain and got soaked to the bone, not from the drop into Brer Rabbit’s Laughing Place, but rather from the water cannons that go off when a log goes down and target the logs going by!  It was then that we discovered that late March was still a little early to get soaked at 10:30 in the morning.  We got fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and walked to Liberty Square to ride the Haunted Mansion until the time window opened.  Natalie then got to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad not once, but twice, thanks to the baby swap with Braeden.

Frontierland was becoming congested, so we proceeded on into Fantasyland, riding It’s a Small World, and obtaining FPs for Peter Pan Flight for later that afternoon.   We took a break for some lunch at Pinocchio’s Fest Haus, and got to sit by the windows that overlook the queue area for It’s a Small World.  After lunch, we rode Snow White’s Scary Adventure, and then waited for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

We worked our way around to Tomorrowland, getting FPs for Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, riding the Tomorrowland Transit Authority and the Carousel of Progress, and also getting Buzz Lightyear’s autograph.  We also took in the Monster’s Inc. Laugh Floor.  By this time, the window was open for Buzz Lightyear Spin,and we rode that as well.

Dinnertime was approaching, and our first choice, Cosmic Ray’s was packed.  We ended up at the Noodle Station in Tomorrowland, which is only open during peak times of the year.  It’s really too bad it isn’t open more often, because the offerings were delightful!  Jeff and I typically use Orange Chicken as a barometer for a Chinese restaurant, and this one got a thumbs up!

By this point, it was approaching 8pm, and the crowds were gathering for the early Spectromagic parade.  We planned to catch this later in the week, so we made our way to the front gate.  Natalie had such an outstanding day, that we stopped by one of the pin carts by the entrance, and let her pick out a new pin for her lanyard- she chose Ariel in her ballgown.  Then we caught the resort monorail back to Tahiti.  We got “home” with plenty of time to change for bed, and watch the fireworks from our balcony.

Here’s a summary of the day in a page:


Monday is EPCOT day!  Yippee!!


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