Disney Trip Report, Day 3: EPCOT

Let’s get back to the trip report before it all leaves my brain, shall we?

Monday morning, we awoke to light rain and drizzle.  Originally, I had planned the morning at Disney Studios, and the afternoon/evening at EPCOT (we had dinner reservations at Teppan Edo in Japan), however, we decided that it would be easier to dodge raindrops between the pavillions at EPCOT.

We discovered the outstanding location of the Tahiti longhouse- it was a short, but pleasant walk to the Ticket and Transportation Center, which offered a wealth of transportation options.  This morning, we chose the direct monorail to EPCOT.  As an added bonus, the line wasn’t long, so we asked to ride up front with the driver.  Initially, they said no, but then something freed up and we were ushered up front!  The trip to EPCOT is the best time to sit up front, particularly when you make the circuit around Future World before you pull into the monorail station- we have some lovely pictures!

Welcome to EPCOT web

While the sky was overcast, the rain had let up for the most part, so we proceeded with our plan as usual.  Jeff took Natalie and Braeden to The Living Seas, and I headed to The Land to pick up fastpasses for Soarin’.  I met everyone at the Living Seas, where we rode the clamshells, admired the fish, and took in Turtle Talk with Crush.  Braeden was fascinated by the fish- I think he could have stayed there all day.

After seeing all we were going to see at The Living Seas, we moved on to Journey Into Your Imagination.  We rode the ride there, and spent a fair amount of time at the Image Works.  We couldn’t talk Natalie into seeing “Honey, I Shrunk the Audience,” so instead she and Braeden played in the dancing fountains outside.

The Fastpasses for Soarin’ didn’t open until 2:30pm, so we had some time to spare.  We thought we would get some lunch, but Natalie either couldn’t decide or wasn’t hungry.  We rode the boat ride in Mexico, and then worked our way around World Showcase.  We decided to head over to The Beach Club resort and get some lunch and ice cream at Beaches and Cream.  There was a wait to get a table, so we spent that wait next door in the game room.  Once we got our table, we decided that lunch would be too late considering we had dinner scheduled for 5:30pm- we had ice cream for a midday snack. 🙂  We returned to EPCOT via the boat shuttle, and we were greeted in the UK by Alice and Mary Poppins.

Back around World Showcase and back into Future World to The Land, as our window for Soarin’ had opened.  Jeff rode with Natalie, while I rode Listen to the land with Braeden (he was still too short for Soarin’), followed by my turn on Soarin’ (Natalie decided that one trip over California was enough for her).  We then rode Listen to the Land all together, before returning to World Showcase and Japan for dinner.

an evening in japan web

The above page is a summary of our evening in Japan: dinner at Teppan Edo with “the Cooker” (that’s what Natalie calls the chef that cooks at your table), shopping at Mitsukoshi (Natalie got a plush Hello Kitty, and I got a pearl!), and listening to the drummers.

It was a full day!  After our activities in Japan, we decided to head back to our room for an early evening- oh, and watch the fireworks again…

Paradise View web

Hopefully, it won’t be three weeks before another part of the trip report.


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