New Hybrid Products In My Shop!

Have you seen the sale at ScrapMatters for the holiday weekend?  It celebrates the July 4th weekend, Andrea (owner of ScrapMatters)’s birthday, and the launch of the new Hybrid Design Team.  Whoo hoo- I’m now part of a team!!!

Anyhoo, I’ve been working all month to get some new products into the shop, so you should drop by and see them!  Oh, and buy- if you send $10 on hybrid products this weekend, there’s a fun hybrid printable grab bag that will appear in your cart.


So, without any further ado, here are my new items!

Hybrid CD Case Calendar 600

Brown Tagging It Preview

geekyd_magical_preview600Magical Autographs Preview Option2 600

And from the #4 Mystery Mix Grab Bag (with AnnaBV Designs, Designs by Tater, and Dirty Feet Designs):

Arboretum in the Afternoon 600

Boxing Day Templates Preview

I have to say, I’m particularly pleased with how the autograph book project turned out.  I had no idea it would be so massive!  I am so excited that my first collaborative project is with one of my digi-scrapping idols, Britt-ish Designs!  It’s also an example of just how prototypes are supposed to work.  I initially made this project for Natalie and Braeden for our Disney trip back in March.  And then I tweeked it when I printed out a set for our friends’ trip a month later.  And then I tweeked it further to make it simpler to assemble, and so you see the version you see in the shop.  So.  Pleased.  With.  It!!!!!!!

I have a few examples to share, but that’s for another post!

Oh, and pop into ScrapMatters next week, starting Monday, July 6th- I’ll be rounding out the June Daily Download with a week of printable hybrid projects!


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