New products, a sale, a concert review, and a template freebie!

Wow- that’s a lot to write about!

First off the sale going on At ScrapMatters, since all of my new products are included!


Many of my products can be used for holiday themes, so a lot of my shop is on sale!  Here are some of my new goodies added just for the sale:

Level up preview600


Be Merry Advent Cal Preview600

Aren’t they cute?  Please head over to SM and show me that staying up until 3:30am to load them into the store was worth it!  LOL!

Right then.  Now let me tell you about Tuesday night.  This year was mine and Jeff’s 10 year anniversary, and for his gift, I got us tickets for the Billy Joel/Elton John concert that was coming to town.  That was this past Tuesday night.

Best.  Concert.  Ever.

What an amazing night!  It started a little after 7:30pm, and between the two of them, we got 3 1/2 HOURS of music.  Two pianos facing each other rose out of the stage, and out walked Elton and Billy.  They played about 6 songs as duets, three from each artist.  Then Billy took a break, his piano sunk down in to the stage, and Elton John played for the next 90 minutes.  It was like I put my Greatest Hits CD on and just let it go- Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Crocodile Rock, Saturday Night, Rocket Man, Philadelphia Freedom.  It was heaven.

And if that had been it, it would have been Ok.   But then, you realized there was another half of the ticket!

I grew up on Long Island, so Billy Joel has a special place in my heart- because he’s an “Islander like me”.  Jeff’s also a big fan, and he’s already seen him in concert (Washington DC in 1998).   Billy Joel played for another hour- and, again, it was like pulling out the boxed set!  And then, he endeared himself to Columbus forever.  There’s a break in the song River of Dreams- which he used to play a little bit of Hang On Sloopy!!  It’s an OSU Marching Band thing…

That wasn’t quite it.  Elton came back out (after a costume change from a purple shirt and dark glasses to a red shirt and glasses), and they played another set of 7-8 duets, ending with Piano Man, with the whole audience swaying and singing along.  Amazing.  My hands ached by the end of it- can you imagine playing piano that long- let alone AMAZING piano.  I haven’t been to too many concerts, but this one as definitely the best I had been to!  So, if they are coming to town, you really need to try to go!!!  Happy Anniversary, Jeff!!!!

Oh, and here’s the one picture I took with my phone:

johnjoel concert web

Ok, so you’ve waited though the ad, and you waded through the concert review, so I have a reward for you- a template freebie!  This is a challenge sketch for Columbus Scrappers this week for our Summer Challenge Festival, so I thought I’d share.  It’s based off of one of the cards in my Diamond Life card templates- enjoy!

Challenge template preview600

(image is linked to 4Shared)

Here’s the full-sized version of the page I made with it.  It’s featuring a new kit by Sugarplum Paperie called Candy Sunshine, with a couple of pieces from Lime Twist thrown in:

sunshine boy web

Oh, and one last note- I’m the hostess for the next ScrapMatters Speed Scrap- it’s Tuesday night, 7/21, at 9:30pm EDT.  I have a really cute alpha to give away from WM[squared] Designs, so you don’t want to miss it!


2 thoughts on “New products, a sale, a concert review, and a template freebie!

  1. Wow!! Cool concert! Congrats on 10 years, it was my husband and I’s 10 year anniversary on the 3rd!!

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