12/9- New Releases from Geeky Diva Designs!

Hi, all! Just one more day until the weekend- yippee! I’ve got a fun weekend planned- baking cookies with my Brownie troop, including Natalie, now recovered from whatever bug she had on Tuesday. We’re going to have a great time baking, learning how to work with chocolate, and making ornaments using my hybrid templates. That may include my new release for the week- I give you “Chilly Tree”

I have to say, I’m very fond of this template. It’s my first venture into shapes that aren’t just merges of other simpler shapes. My eraser and brush tools got a workout, and I’m so proud of the results. I made a couple of samples to show it off, come look!!

This example is using a lovely kit by Danielle Engebretson, called “The Reason.” Love that plaid paper!

This card was made using “Candyland Christmas” by Nikki Epperson. I resized the template so the tree would fit as an embellishment on a standard-sized card. Which is a nice segway to this week’s re-release. Remember “Feeling Sentimental Card Templates”? They’re back!

Well, that’s it from me this week- have a great one!!!


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