Letterboxer Badge- DIY Foam Stamps

Time for more craft projects on my long-abandoned blog… This project was inspired by pins on Pinterest, and we made these stamps as part of earning the Brownie Letterboxer badge this summer. Each girl made her own stamp as part of assembling her personal letterbox kit, and then together they made a troop stamp (using the lid of a jar of nuts- it was bigger at 3″ diameter) to put in the letterbox they made.

Supplies:         Supplies_web

– Bottlecaps, cleaned and dried. Repurpose plastic caps from milk jugs, juice bottles, and nut jars (watch for allergies on those- wash them well!)

– Wine corks

– Craft Foam (sheets to cut your own design, or pre-cut foam shapes)

– Hole Punches (craft punches will not accommodate foam)

– Glue Gun (under adult supervision)

– Stamp pads (dye-based ink works best as it dries quickly)


1)      Create your foam stamp shape by cutting out a design of your own or selecting a shape of pre-cut foam


Things to keep in mind-

–          Make sure your design remains within the dimension of your cap- foam that spills over will not take ink very well, and you won’t have the cap to apply force to stamp your image

–          Make your solid design more interesting by punching shapes into it, creating “negative space.” However, don’t punch so close to the edge that your design becomes “floppy”

–          Don’t use the glitter foam shapes! They don’t accept ink very well at all!

2)      Attach your design to the bottle cap, either by gluing with white school glue, or peeling off the adhesive backing


3)      Using the hot glue gun (CAUTION! Burn hazard), apply a dollop of glue in your cap, and attach the wine cork to create a base for your stamp. Allow to harden


4)      Try out your stamp! Pat your stamp on an ink pad, and stamp onto paper. Remember to clean your stamp between colors and when you are finished stamping


To Make a Personal Letterboxing Kit, you’ll need and ink pad (or a water-based marker) and a logbook to go with your stamp. Be sure to label your logbook with your real name or your trailname.


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