Badge on a Blog: Numbers and Shapes, Activity #2

In the Try-It book for Brownies (now discontinued), activity #2 for the Numbers and Shapes try-it is trying origami, so I’m going to stick with that. I’ll included links to some origami websites, plus I’ll include pictures of some of the things that Natalie and I tried this evening.

Kitty Face

The example included in the book was for a kitty face- and indeed, it was super easy and a great starter project! Here are my photos as I tried it myself:

1) Start with a square of paper. If you’re a paper crafter like me, you’ll have no problem find a square of paper, or trimming one to fit. However, even if you’re not, your daughter can accomplish any of these activities with a sheet of printer paper. She can make an 8 1/2″ square following this diagram:

2) Take your square and fold along the diagonal to make a triangle

3) Next, turn up the open edge back on itself- I had the tip almost touch the first fold line

4) The final folds are to fold up the left and right edges of the triangle. Like the book example, I added eyes and mouth, and snipped a small triangle of cardstock for the nose (more use of shapes- yippee!)

Fortune Teller/ Cootie Catcher

This is popular paper-folding project- I remember making tons of these when I was Brownie/Junior-age. There’s a really good tutorial for this project:

Origami Fortune Teller

My daughter and I followed these instructions and we had our fortune tellers done in a matter of minutes. I may still make a hybrid template for this project- stay tuned!

Jumping Frog

The jumping frog tutorial can be found here:

Jumping Frog Tutorial

This one was fun, but a little harder since the folds are sometimes half here and half there. He still turned out cute- if a little chubby. One note on this project- my frog made from a starting 12″ square sheet of paper doesn’t jump. Perhaps a large sheet of paper makes him a little heavy- he does scoot however. To finish him off, I punched two eyes from white cardstock using my 5/8″ circle punch, and drew in pupils with a marker. I would have loved to find my google eyes, or a couple of black brads for pupils… But that’s just me being over the top!

Have fun with the art of Japanese paper folding! There are hundreds of origami sites out there if you want to try more challenging projects. If you have one of which you are a particular fan, please post a comment and share it with all of us!